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Gesundheits Medical Management (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (SHG) is the wholly owned subsidiary to Swiss Health Guard GmbH, which bases in Zug, Switzerland. We focus on integrating European high-quality medical resources. According to the enterprise’s culture of “scientific prevention, rational treatment”, SHG provides effective medical services for Chinese and European patients including severe condition referral, activated cellular extract, stem cell therapy, geriatric syndrome prevention, hereditary genetic test, health care, cosmetic treatment, etc... At the same time, SHG actively develops the cooperation and exchange of international medical science, aiming to bring in the hospital management mode, talents and capital from Europe, assist Chinese private hospitals in operations management, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the hospital’s function.


The core team of SHG was established in 2015 and accredited by Swiss Confederation and Canton Zug in March 2017. SHG officially entered Tianjin China in April 2018 and became a connecting window to provide medical services of outstanding European hospital to Chinese patients.


Gesundheits has integrated high-quality medical resources in Europe. With a strict and efficient working attitude, reasonable price positioning and high-quality medical resources, our company has won the trust of customers in the past two years with the customer satisfaction reaching 99%. With nearly no complaint feedback, we have established a good friendship with customers.

Reasonable Price

Work directly with hospitals without third-party agencies.

Advertising is not with any excessive publicity.

There is no additional fee for the treatment project and all fees are charged directly by the hospital.

The price is transparent and we only charges the corresponding service fee.

Professional Team

The internal audit of professional medical consultants

The caring service of efficient and rigorous logistics team

VIP reception level

High-quality Medical Resources

All cooperative hospitals are formal and approved by the local government.

All treatment items have medical qualification certificate.

We have experienced physicians who are all at the top of the industry.

Flexible Product Design

Develop rehabilitation projects based on different customer needs

Professional person to accompany each patient through the entire process

Flexible and efficient communication to deal with various emergencies

Perfect After-sales Service

Maximum protection of customer rights and interests

One-year follow-up regular return visit service

Assistance to resolve insurance, dispute and other potential issues during treatment


Excellent Brand Positioning

European model of health-care management

Reservation system

Strict partner verification system

Rigorous patient acceptance procedures



地址: 天津市空港经济区西五道35号汇津广场5号楼102


邮箱: info@shg-swiss.com



      工作日:  09:00 - 11:30

                         13:00 - 18:30

       周末:  休息(需预约)

       法定假日:  休息

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