Cooperative Hospital

Cooperative Hospital

Up to now, a total of 10 European medical institutions, which are located in Switzerland, Germany and Hungary, have reached long-term and stable cooperation with our company. These institutions are leading the world in cancer, surgical robots, anti-aging and other fields. At the same time, we  also actively contact with other European medical institutions, such as those in France and Belgium to fully cover all characteristic departments and meet the various needs of patients.

Clinique des Grangeetes Genève

Founded in 1933, it has a long history and profound influence.

It has five-star hotel service and beautiful environment.

Its medical field and international cooperation development are extensive.

It is good at the treatment of tumor, obstrtrics, paediatrics, anti-aging and beauty.

It has a self-developed skin care brand which has been put on a pharmacy.

It has the first batch of adipose stem cell technology approved by the Swiss government.

It has mature technology and good performance.

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Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

It is one of the Germany’s top five medical centers.

Its average annual number of outpatients is 872,000 and hospitalizations is 91000.

Its customer satisfaction level is 97%.

It has cultivated many Nobel Prize winners in the field of scientific research for more than 250 years.

It has mature international exchange in scientific research and education.

It supports remote consultation and second opinions on diagnosis and treatment.


Germany | Public General Hospital

Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève

It is a special center for gastroenterology, cardiology, sports medicine and genetic medicine.


It leads the development of robotic surgery and minimally invasive surgery.

It is the only high safety diagnostic laboratory in Switzerland (level 4).

It has close cooperation with WHO, the Red Cross and other international organizations.

It is outstanding in infection prevention and vaccine.

It can use Islet transplantation to treat certain types of diabetes and trisomy 21.

It has more than 70 collaboration projects with over 30 countries.

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Montreux Medical Center

Its positioning is luxurious high-end medical anti-aging field.

It has mature anti-aging cosmetic technology and immunity regeneration research.

It has experienced doctors and streamlined professional medical team.

It has advanced technology and latest generation of instruments.

Switzerland | Luxury Anti-Aging Center

Hirslanden Private Hospital Group

It is the largest medical management group in Switzerland.

The department has the top treatment, nursing and clinical technology.

It is the first plastic surgery center in the world.

Its specialize in oncology.

It has received many European royal family members, political and commercial celebrities as well as film stars.

Switzerland | Luxury Anti-Aging Center

Laclinic Montreux

It was founded in 1886 in Health Resort Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva.

It has integrated anti-aging, detoxification, cosmetic micro plastic surgery, surgical plastic surgery, dental beauty and Helena HR skin studio.

It has dozens of Swiss government-certified anti-aging beauty experts.

It has the world's cutting-edge collection of various beauty medical and auxiliary medical expertise.

It has the unique advanced technology and high-tech treatment concept.

It has all kinds of treatments, from health care to surgical cosmetic surgery.


Switzerland | High-end private hospitals

University Hospital Zurich

It has obtained “H+qualité” quality certification system.

It has joined IQM in 2011.

It has a long history in ophthalmology and lung transplantation.

It is the Zurich general cancer center.

It has the Medical Nobel Laureate Prof. Rolf Zinkernagel.

It is the largest hospital in Switzerland with 43 departments and institutes.

Switzerland | High-end private hospitals

Clinique Générale-Beaulieu

It is one of Switzerland’s two leading medical groups.

It has 2,000 on -the -job doctors who provide general medical service.

It has Nescens, one of the most sophisticated anti-aging analysis systems in the world.

It researches and develops its own anti-aging skin care products and has mature health recuperation center.

It has mature, reliable and accurate cancer screening technology.

Switzerland | High-end private hospitals

Duna Medical Center 

It is the top private medical center in Hungary.

It has 17 top doctors in Europe.

It has cutting-edge medical technology, new medical equipment and cancer screening technology.

It won the “Best Day Rehabilitation Center” of 2016-2017 and the “Popular Choice Award”.

It carries out private cancer treatments according to the different molecular characteristics of patients’ tumors.

It is good at plastic surgery, sports medicine, urinary surgeryand artificial joints implantation.

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