Medical Consumables

【Protection Equipment】Export to European and American markets: medical protective mask, civil protective ,ask, medical gown,                                                    medical latex gloves. All the products are licensed and qualified with the ability to resist liquid and filter particle                                           and bacteria. 

【Testing Kit】Export to European market. The product is certificated by CE and related quality documents show that its technology and                         quality are internationally recognized. 

【Disposable Medical Mask (Non-sterile)】The product is used in common medical environment where the body fluids and splash do not happen.

【Disposable Surgical Mask (Non-sterile)】The product is used during invasive operation for clinical staff, physically preventing their mouths, noses and jaws from pathogens, germs, body fluids, and particulates.

【Disposable Medical Suit】The product is used for clinical staff who would touch infectious patients to prevent them from patients’ blood, body fluids and secretions.

Medical Equipment

【Ventilator】Ventilators for ICU and portable use. Purchase and export to European market. 


Main Ingredients: Mild formula with benzalkonium chloride 0.08% ~ 0.12% (W/W) which can repress common bacteria.

Efficacy: Effectively repress E. coli, Staph aureus, Monilia albican. (The data derive from the test report of the 3rd party.) Its cleaning ability and fresh fragrance make your hands moist and soft, safeguarding your health. 

Application: Turn on the lock on the bottle and press the pump to get some foam in your hands. Rub your hands fully with the foam and rinse it.

Net Wt: 450ml

Swiss Skin Care Brand

Anti-âge hydratant

This skin cream deeply moisturizes and provides immediate soothing. The micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid maintains the integrity of the skin structure and regulates its hydration. Combined with innovative anti-age ingredients, this moisturizer prevents the emergence of wrinkles and reinforces the epidermis. (seche: Its luxurious texture is enriched with intense and nutrient moisturizing ingredients that, together, bring long-lasting comfort)This skin care is an excellent foundation for makeup. It is also available for dry skin.

It does not contain paraben or phenoxyethanol. Not tested on animals.

Net Wt:30ml


Eau micellaire éclat

One-step, no rinse face and eyes cleanser. Expert formula combining high cleaning power ultra soft surfactant micellar, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, and softening and soothing Aquaxyl. Instantly removes all traces of makeup from the face and eye zone in one step, without the use of water, and calms, soothes and moisturizes the skin. Excellent cutaneousand ocular tolerance. Ophtalmologically tested. Use : Apply morning and/or evening with a cotton pad on faces, eyes and lips. No need for water.

Does not contain paraben or phenoxyethanol. Not tested on animals.

Net Wt: 200ml

Price: 580RMB

Contour des yeux

This innovative product visibly reduces wrinkles, pockets and dark circles. The moisturizing serum gel, developed with our patented active ingredients, and combined with micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid, immediately and visibly acts upon all signs of puffiness and fatigue around the eyes. Tested under ophthalmological supervision. Suitable for sensitive skin and for those wearing contact lenses.

Does not contain paraben or phenoxyethanol. Not tested on animals.

Net Wt: 15ml

Price: 1315RMB

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