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|Scientific and effective management of body functions

|Protect your health in all aspects


Effectively decompose toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances;

Remove the harmful substances in the blood, lymph, liver, gallbladder, intestines, stomach and other organs; Promote the digestive ability of digestive mucosa, enzyme synthesis ability of digestive glands, balance ability of endocrine glands; Enhance the body's ability to resist aging. Furthermore, the balance between cell micro-environment and tissue micro-environment can be improved.The functioning of the organs, the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system reaches the best state of health. The treatment is painless and lasts for one and a half hours. The procedure is the intravenous injection on the forearm or back of the hand so that the target metal substance will be discharged through body fluids. The targeted metals will then be evacuated through the urine. The vitamins injections will compensate for the deficiencies resulting from the detoxification process.


Aging is the result of cumulative cellular damage that begins to occur from the moment of conception. As you reach physical and sexual maturity, the cumulative rate of damage increases in speed and intensity. The longer you wait to attack your rate of aging, the harder it is to get it under control reverse its effects. The body needs the help of cell extracts to help the body delay aging. Activated Cellular Extract is a therapy to strengthen the self-healing capabilities as well as the mobilization and activation of cells. It also helps to significantly increase the concentration of repair cells in the body and help the regeneration of damaged cells.


Stem cell culture techniques are used to direct the cytokines of different organs. Autologous stem cells are extracted from the patient's fat for laboratory screening and culture. Once the treated stem cells are injected back into the patient, they will fully activate cell renewal and self-healing, replace aging cells, and accelerate the body's metabolism. Autologous fat stem cell injection is currently the most advanced anti-aging technology and can be completed in a week. The Adipose Stem Cell Project is approved by the Swiss Food and Drug Administration. The patient's stem cells are sent to the Swiss Stem Cell Storage Bank for a 10-year high-profile storage. The Swiss Stem Cell Bank will provide a certificate for each patient to ensure the quality, quantity and sterility of patient's stem cells.


Compared with China, Europe has mature medical technology, the latest anti-cancer drugs, the latest surgical robots and humanized medical service system. The average cancer survival rate in Europe is 76 percent, more than twice that of China. In order to better meet the needs of Chinese patients and ensure the quality of service and medical level, “Gesundheits Medical” promises to conduct a strict review of each cooperative hospital and make regular return visits, so as to pick the best hospital for patients and their families who are looking for a second opinion. Up to now, a total of 10 European medical institutions which are located in Switzerland, Germany and Hungary have reached long-term stable cooperation agreements with our company, and they are leading the world in cancer, surgical robots, anti-aging and other fields. At the same time, in order to fully cover all characteristic departments and meet the various needs of patients to the greatest extent, we  also actively contact with other European medical institutions, such as those in France and Belgium.